Members Business Services
Helping you add real value to your credit union.

Is your credit union looking for ways to:

  • Add new members?
  • Diversify income sources?
  • Increase fee income?
  • Diversify credit concentration and risk?
  • Increase loan totals?
  • Increase deposit totals?
  • Meet increased member demand for business services?

Members Business Services can help your credit union to quickly, economically, and safely offer a full line of business loan and deposit services with a program designed for your members in your market.

You control the program while Members Business Services provides you with a turn-key solution with all the experience and infrastructure you need to compete.

Members Business Services has a unique business model. Our program is designed to serve your members in your market, with a full line of business services.

Working in partnership with you, we become your full-service backroom for both loan and deposit processing and management.


Members Business Services
202 East Airport Drive, Suite 160
San Bernardino, CA 92408
P.O. Box 8608
Redlands, CA 92375